Definition of stealer in English:



See steal

in combination ‘a sheep-stealer’
  • ‘There is a ‘black sheep’ website offering a shortcut to people who want to trace their descent from a highwayman, cattle stealer or convict.’
  • ‘They were traditionally viewed as inspirational artists, musicians, and dancers - and as thieves, horse stealers, and witches.’
  • ‘That journal is nothing but a bunch of copyright stealers, plagiarists and intellectual thieves.’
  • ‘A Irish Times journalist claims that they are descended from the remnants of sheep stealers who resided in the Slieve Blooms in hiding from the forces of Queen Elizabeth I.’
  • ‘Well, clouded in mystery, always hiding the secrets of royalties, politicians and priceless wine stealers, Evksinograd still is one of the pearls at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.’