Definition of stealth tax in English:

stealth tax


  • A form of taxation levied in a covert or indirect manner.

    • ‘The Conservative councillor for Bradshaw said the Labour controlled council had turned Council Tax into a stealth tax.’
    • ‘People would not object to paying the costs of providing the parking, but when it becomes a stealth tax added to the council tax, it undermines other services.’
    • ‘Furthermore, pensioners should remember that Brown robbed them of £5 billion of their pension funds, when he imposed his stealth tax on pension tax relief.’
    • ‘The latter is accomplished through higher state, federal, or municipal taxes or the use of the stealth tax.’
    • ‘As many salaries are rising faster than this, more people will enter the top tax bracket - fiscal drag in operation and a classic stealth tax.’
    • ‘Instead of a transparent carbon tax on the polluter, we have a stealth tax on the ordinary consumer.’
    • ‘It just shows how the council tax has been used by Labour as a stealth tax to reduce central government funding of local councils with pensioners and the low paid being penalised again.’
    • ‘Council tax increases have also proved a classic stealth tax.’
    • ‘Private pensions have been buffeted by the stock-market slump (and by the Chancellor's £5 billion a year stealth tax on private pension dividends).’
    • ‘Since council tax falls disproportionately heavily on less well-off households, many are calling this a stealth tax too far and are demanding that Whitehall increases its grants to local authorities.’
    • ‘The stealth tax on dividend payments to pension funds netted £5 billion in its first year, but compounded this works out at about £100 billion.’
    • ‘This is the hidden agenda, to make congestion and introduce a stealth tax.’
    • ‘Age, like a clever stealth tax, creeps up on you in the way once recommended by foot pads and press gangs.’
    • ‘The key term was fiscal neutrality - it paid its own way and was not a stealth tax.’
    • ‘In an economist's language this is a summer stealth tax on the poor for they are the only ones who will notice it in their weekly budget.’
    • ‘The Government announced the latest stealth tax two days after one of it toughest budgets, which included an increase in Vehicle Registration Tax and a 3c hike in diesel.’
    • ‘This stealth tax is in addition to the €2,380 every Irish motorist pays on average each year in car-related taxes to stay on the road.’
    • ‘The Conservative leader is much exercised by the notion that New Labour has raised the stealth tax burden to £10.8 billion, or some such figure.’
    • ‘It also assumes that nothing is done to reform the alternative minimum tax, which amounts to a stealth tax increase.’
    • ‘This is just another stealth tax, they have put petrol up, road tax has gone through the roof, this is the latest way of hitting the motorist in the pocket.’


stealth tax