Definition of steam distillation in English:

steam distillation


mass nounChemistry
  • Distillation of a liquid in a current of steam, used especially to purify liquids that are not very volatile and are immiscible with water.

    • ‘Due to their relatively high boiling points, essential oils are usually obtained by steam distillation or co-distillation with water.’
    • ‘In flavor production, chemists use steam distillation in preparative and analytical chemistry.’
    • ‘The foundations for garlic research were arguably laid by German chemists, Theodor Wertheim and F.W. Semmler, who discovered volatile sulfur compounds through steam distillation.’
    • ‘After four hours of steam distillation and carbon filtration, the one-gallon carafe is filled with ready-to-drink fresh water.’
    • ‘CO2s have been said to contain additional constituents than what is extracted from the same plant using steam distillation.’