Definition of steamroll in English:



North American
another term for steamroller
  • ‘For my part, I was happy to see that, this time anyway, the poorer nations stayed together and didn't let themselves get rolled - or steamrolled - by the richer ones.’
  • ‘The Steelers have played sloppily in the last three weeks, and they are not the team that steamrolled through the regular season in '04.’
  • ‘But the decision to use the Parliament Act to steamroll the ban through the Lords will be a massive headache.’
  • ‘The President's agenda is being steamrolled, and I hope Congress won't roll over and die on this.’
  • ‘In the process, Dean and her colleagues steamrolled over opposition from local business leaders and the powerful San Jose Mercury-News.’
  • ‘Chávez has spent the past two years engineering political reforms that strengthened his power base and steamrolled the opposition.’
  • ‘In the days following his budget speech to a joint session of Congress last week, the president has tried mightily to steamroll congress into supporting his $1.6 trillion tax cut.’
  • ‘If you don't make your point quickly, or he realizes that you don't have something interesting to say, that's when he steamrolls over you.’
  • ‘Once referred to as roughage, fiber represents the portion of plant-based foods that your body can't digest, a bulky mass that steamrolls through your digestive system virtually unaltered.’
  • ‘He believes one potential threat could be a consolidation in American retailing - if, say, Wal-Mart steamrolls its competitors into submission.’
  • ‘On the flip side, the shared services group, according to several former technology leaders, often steamrolls business unit wishes.’
  • ‘So, how could they have only envisaged ‘permanent prosperity’ when the economic train was steamrolling directly into the Great Depression?’
  • ‘Liberals forget, or dismiss, the discord of the FDR years - or they salute him for steamrolling his critics - because they like what he did.’
  • ‘This is for the times a man stopped talking, for one minute, to hear other voices and realize he was steamrolling his opinion through.’
  • ‘You'd have super-majorities in cases where one faction was dead-set on steamrolling the other.’
  • ‘Just imagine steamrolling through the gym like a machine, determined to outdo your previous best lifts.’
  • ‘‘It was just an idea that steamrolled,’ says Cave.’
  • ‘After hanging on to win the semifinal against Cornell, the Wildcats were steamrolled by Minnesota in the championship game, coming up short once again in their bid for a first national title.’
  • ‘It was there that they were steamrolled by the mighty St. Louis Rams offense, a defeat that exposed Minnesota's most glaring deficiency: defense.’
  • ‘A topographical map of Michigan makes the state look as if someone steamrolled it with heavy equipment, then rumpled the northwest corner.’