Definition of steamtight in English:



  • Not allowing steam to pass through.

    ‘steamtight joints’
    • ‘The steam-tight joints had to be made with a cement which normally took a week to harden.’
    • ‘Application to steam-tight boilers with cylindrical exchanger.’
    • ‘This is a critical step for providing steam-tight valves for optimum operation.’
    • ‘Finally, a steam-tight sealing also opens up the possibility of accommodating a depot of corrosion-retarding media, even easily volatile media, within the hinge bearing arrangement.’
    • ‘These were made steam-tight with four packing rings, so greatly reducing the contact area between the walls and the piston.’
    • ‘A pressure canner is a specially-made heavy pot with a lid that can be closed steam-tight.’
    • ‘He had no engineering expertise himself, and Roebuck's men lacked the skills needed to produce a steam-tight, efficient engine.’
    • ‘Thereby, the steam-tight membrane 42 is cut by a cutting knife 49.’
    • ‘The process of driving the staybolt is to hammer one end enough to cause the metal of the staybolt to swell into the threads which will ensure a strong and steam-tight joint.’
    • ‘All tiles are not necessarily smooth and steam-tight, test your surface first.’
    • ‘The High / Intermediate piston rod was removed and has been skimmed, by an outside contractor, to remove rust which would otherwise destroy the steam-tight glands.’
    • ‘All processes in use hitherto, such as the steam-tight panelling, the removal or encasement and surface coating of contaminated construction elements cannot be justified from a curatorial point of view.’



/ˈstēmtīt/ /ˈstimtaɪt/