Definition of steatosis in English:



mass nounMedicine
  • Infiltration of liver cells with fat, associated with disturbance of the metabolism by, for example, alcoholism, malnutrition, pregnancy, or drug therapy.

    • ‘In many forms of acute and chronic liver injury or steatosis (fatty infiltration of the liver), the ratio is less than or equal to 1.’
    • ‘Hepatic steatosis, most commonly associated with the nucleoside analogs, didanosine, stavudine and zalcitabine can lead to severe hepatotoxicity in HIV / HBV co-infected patients.’
    • ‘In the liver, varying degrees of centrilobular necrosis and steatosis and a mild portal inflammatory infiltrate were seen in the SARS patients.’
    • ‘Malnourished individuals with lowered blood choline frequently display liver steatosis and related dysfunctions; these often respond favorably to PC supplementation.’
    • ‘The findings of these studies suggest that a low-fat diet and exercise (supervised by a physician for appropriateness) could minimize hepatic steatosis.’