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steel blue

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  • A dark bluish-gray color.

    ‘his eyes were steel blue’
    • ‘the steel-blue waters of the river’
    • ‘The mother came in from the kitchen, dark steel blue eyes clouded over with tears of worry and stress, strawberry blond hair matted and gnarled.’
    • ‘Available colors are navy, black, beige, humus, steel blue, and sky blue, for a minimum order of 12.’
    • ‘First away were Eddystone eels in the new steel blue and fluoro yellow colours, their long supple tails wig wagging at a rapid rate as they were towed into the depths by the sinkers.’
    • ‘His steel blue eyes had dark rings under them, he hadn't shaved either.’
    • ‘The back of the bonito is steel blue with dark blue slanting stripes; its sides and belly silvery.’
    • ‘It passes steel-blue waters, deep green forests and craggy mountains rising up to 2,500 feet, and you may see golden eagles.’
    • ‘Flame-haired and slender, with steel-blue eyes and sharp, intelligent features, Bell was immensely stylish and clothes-conscious.’
    • ‘From where he lay on the end of the dock, the river was like fluctuant diamond-paned glass of two colors, olive green and steel blue, leaded together by wavering white stitches of sun.’
    • ‘As to the palette, steel blue, medium grey, caramel and white are the first choices.’
    • ‘This blue is sky blue, with a touch of steel blue mixed in.’
    • ‘A neutral palette of materials was chosen, including thousands of cubic metres of USM's well designed Modular Furniture in muted shades of light grey and steel blue.’
    • ‘This sleek and distinctive pop-up screen with its steel blue accenting means customers will undoubtedly stand out in the crowd whenever they make or receive a call.’
    • ‘His eyes are steel blue and locked like lasers on any potential threat.’
    • ‘She stroked his chiseled face, stared into his steel blue eyes, and ran a hand down his muscular upper body.’
    • ‘Samara, herself, was wearing a navy blue pashmina that matches her steel blue ensemble.’
    • ‘He stood there against the wall, but even then she could feel his steel blue eyes looking at her.’
    • ‘At first glance, this is a desolate scene - a vast expanse of iron-hard snow and icy mountain dwarfing two tiny figures in the middle distance and all beneath a lowering steel-blue sky.’
    • ‘The vegetation was a steel blue dusted with violet pollen.’
    • ‘The silver color faded and the steel blue returned once more.’
    • ‘The road takes on a gentle grade, and I see more oaks and fewer farms until the steel blue expanse of Clear Lake appears.’


steel blue

/ˌstēl ˈblo͞o/ /ˌstil ˈblu/