Definition of steel gray in English:

steel gray


  • A dark purplish-gray color.

    as modifier ‘the steel-gray November sky’
    • ‘Colours ranged from elegant steel grey to luscious strawberry red.’
    • ‘Phil cursed quietly and turned around to face Alice fully so she could get the full impact of his dark looks and steel-grey eyes.’
    • ‘The eternity about him was dark shades of steel gray.’
    • ‘He had intense eyes that seem to impale your mind and hold it captive, steel gray outlined with dark lashes.’
    • ‘Bright colours can look uncomfortable in northern light under steel-grey skies.’
    • ‘The steel-grey wavelets of Loch Skeen lapped dark peaty banks.’
    • ‘He had dark hair that was cropped short and he had steel gray eyes.’
    • ‘White egrets ‘slip like paper airplanes just overhead’ and mullet ‘belly-flop with a sharp clap into steel-gray water.’’
    • ‘Picturesque even during winter's steel-gray depths, the Susquehanna River Valley's all rolling hills and manicured pastures punctuated by the occasional hardwood stand.’
    • ‘With his close-cropped silver hair, aquiline nose, and steel-gray eyes, Williamson looks every bit the wizard, in a Clive Barker-movie sort of way.’
    • ‘The steel-gray mountains of Yamnuska against the clear blue skies were like a postcard.’
    • ‘No lights were on, electricity was a rare thing, a cold, steel grey light stabbed in through the window, casting long shadows in the gloomy room.’
    • ‘The sky is steel gray, lightening can be seen lacing the sky.’
    • ‘He had a mop of wavy red hair and steel gray eyes, which had an almost bluish tint to them.’
    • ‘An elegantly arched neck carried his head most regally, and the taut muscles under his dappled steel-grey coat depicted his massive strength, perfect for the cavalry duties he had performed long ago.’
    • ‘Sylvanite is a silver-white to steel-gray mineral with a brilliant metallic luster.’
    • ‘The steel-gray ocean surrounds the islands and is visible from just about every house.’
    • ‘Thick, brown leather gloves covered his hands and steel grey armguards ran the length of his elbow to just above his wrist, with a layer of chainmail underneath as well.’
    • ‘Crafted from steel gray silk and featuring a woven pattern of light gray, this rich Canali tie is an excellent addition to any man's wardrobe.’
    • ‘The grizzled old soldier smiled grimly, Hudson dressed in his uniform with his steel gray hair clipped short as usual.’
    blue-grey, grey, steel-coloured, steel-grey, iron-grey


steel gray

/ˌstēl ˈɡrā/ /ˌstil ˈɡreɪ/