Definition of steel wool in English:

steel wool


mass noun
  • Fine strands of steel matted together into a mass, used as an abrasive.

    ‘sand lightly with fine steel wool and dust off thoroughly’
    • ‘Periodically, warm mineral oil should be applied with an absorbent cloth or very fine steel wool to the surface and edges.’
    • ‘Rub greasy spots with a mild or moderate abrasive, such as fine steel wool, and a dish detergent until they disappear.’
    • ‘If necessary, gently sand away stubborn rust on pruners and loppers with fine steel wool; use medium-grit sandpaper on larger tools.’
    • ‘Use very fine sandpaper or steel wool to smooth any fuzzy, raised grain.’
    • ‘Use fine steel wool to remove any encrusted material.’
    • ‘Use steel wool or a fine grade of sandpaper to smooth out the affected area and an inch or two of the surrounding floor.’
    • ‘For a shellac finish, dip fine steel wool in denatured alcohol, wipe the finish until it softens, and then wipe the surface with a clean, lint-free cloth.’
    • ‘Remove rust by rubbing the affected area with super fine steel wool or a raw potato that has been dipped in whiting.’
    • ‘If not, heel marks and other stubborn spots may be removed by rubbing gently with 000 fine steel wool and the solvent-based wax used on the floor.’
    • ‘Dip a natural bristle brush or fine steel wool into the solvent; then brush or gently rub it into the damaged area until the defect disappears.’
    • ‘Spray a little silicone or Teflon spray lubricant on the tracks and rub them down with fine steel wool.’
    • ‘Another treatment that sometimes removes white water marks is to rub the spot with extra fine steel wool and mayonnaise.’
    • ‘We heated the metal with a propane torch to slightly discolor it and rubbed the top with fine steel wool to give the surface a duller sheen.’
    • ‘Rust may be scoured with fine steel wool or scouring powder but re-seasoning of the utensil is necessary.’
    • ‘If the finish is hard, apply paste wax with fine 0000 steel wool in the direction of the grain.’
    • ‘Aluminium can be keep clean with fine steel wool and plenty of soap.’
    • ‘When you've removed all the easy stuff with your scraping implements, begin rinsing the piece with steel wool and either paint thinner or water, depending on the stripper you've used.’
    • ‘I've found that a brisk rub with fine steel wool followed by a thorough degreasing works quite well.’
    • ‘Moisten a cloth or fine steel wool pad with a household solvent such as Varsol and rub across the spot.’
    • ‘Dust off steel wool and rust particles with a dry cloth.’


steel wool