Definition of steelwork in English:



mass noun
  • Articles of steel.

    • ‘This finish is complemented by other surfaces: white marble, blond maple panelling, steelwork and stainless steel trims.’
    • ‘On the outside of this, there are red cedar louvres and exposed galvanised steelwork.’
    • ‘The secondary steel specialists produced internal steelwork, such as staircases and balconies, for commercial and office developments.’
    • ‘A method in which to value the fabrication and erection of structural steelwork is by weight of the steel involved.’
    • ‘The temptation to purify the old steelwork has been resisted and it retains some of its patina, the paint peeling in places.’
    • ‘They were removing steelwork from an old part of the ground when one of the wheels of the 15-tonne elevated working platform went through a concrete manhole cover.’
    • ‘Some 1,300 tonnes of concrete have been poured into the foundations, topped by 125 tonnes of structural steelwork and surrounded by 15,000 concrete blocks so far.’
    • ‘Local contractor, Jenkins and Davies, undertook the £750,000 project, which involved the fixing of additional strengthening steelwork inside the boxes.’
    • ‘An apprenticeship that took five years in those days, but he was also sent to Technical College where he gained his City and Guilds diplomas in steelwork, fabrication and technology.’
    • ‘The wreckage is at its cleanest in spring and early summer, before the kelp gets a grip on the exposed steelwork.’
    • ‘At the centre of this jagged, violent landscape was a solitary lattice of steelwork standing 10 storeys high, its upper edges eerily like the fingers of a hand stretched upwards in search of help.’
    • ‘The cable anchor blocks and steelwork, which were still in good condition, were retained and some of the original Australian hardwood decking timber and running planks.’
    • ‘The ten-storey building is undergoing major alterations, including new structural steelwork to reconfigure the building's existing central lift core.’
    • ‘This damage was caused by the erection of steelwork after he had installed the pipes.’
    • ‘The bulk of metal manufactures consists of heavy machinery, structural steelwork, and industrial equipment.’
    • ‘The project comprised 144.32 tonnes of structural steelwork and 14.16 tonnes of purlins.’
    • ‘Supply and fix galvanised steel sub-purlins on cleats secured through existing felt and insulation to the main roof steelwork.’
    • ‘The union official was pushed against steelwork, injuring his back.’
    • ‘Mechanics have reinforced the car's chassis with extra steelwork and have beefed up the suspension to take extra load.’
    • ‘The hull repair completed this July involved the removal and replacement of 100 tonnes of steelwork.’