Definition of steepish in English:



See steep

  • ‘We set off along the road south and west to Marsett, then a steepish climb up the side of Wether Fell to Cam High Road.’
  • ‘Then the Sarenne starts with a steepish mogul field which, once conquered, boosts the confidence.’
  • ‘You know, call me a plebeian, call me a killjoy, but two hundred quid strikes me as a bit on the steepish side for a bunch of fish and rice.’
  • ‘A room had been reserved for us at a modest but charming pension a steepish climb from the valley floor.’
  • ‘The four of us signed in at the jar at the peak and headed northeast down a steepish ridge to the spectacular saddle where our main, two-mile claim terminates on the north, ever vigilant for corner markers.’