Definition of steeplejack in English:



  • A person who climbs tall structures such as chimneys and steeples in order to carry out repairs.

    • ‘In January this year steeplejacks climbed 100 ft above the minister floor and painstakingly removed sections, to assess what needed to be done and how much it might cost.’
    • ‘They may be miners or steeplejacks, bank clerks or civil servants: it's just that whatever they do for a living and however hard they work at it, they are never going to become multimillionaires.’
    • ‘Three men were fined a total of £17,000 today after pleading guilty to breaches of health and safety regulations that led to the death of two steeplejacks.’
    • ‘A councillor is supporting calls for a memorial to be placed on the site of a former factory in Westhoughton where two steeplejacks were killed.’
    • ‘Dublin-based company Rainey and Co have employed the steeplejacks who braved last week's high winds.’
    • ‘Originally a steeplejack, cloth-capped Fred became an unlikely celebrity and has been the star of more than 20 documentaries uncovering Britain's industrial heritage.’
    • ‘The celebrity steeplejack started building the pithead system with a 70 ft mineshaft to pay tribute to Bolton's history, but got into trouble after neighbours complained.’
    • ‘Celebrity steeplejack Fred Dibnah was supposed to end his days of felling factory chimneys with the demolition of the 175-ft Park Mill chimney in Royton yesterday.’
    • ‘The celebrity steeplejack started building a fully-working Victorian mineshaft behind his house in Radcliffe Road, Bolton, without asking permission.’
    • ‘Originally a steeplejack, Fred became an unlikely celebrity and has been the star of more than 20 documentaries uncovering Britain's industrial heritage.’
    • ‘Bert, pictured, who is the third generation of his family to work for the company, was the youngest steeplejack in the city when he started out on April 7, 1953.’
    • ‘‘I could have died a happy steeplejack on that job,’ says Fred.’
    • ‘Visitors to the steam and vintage fair will be asked to make a donation to the appeal to provide a lasting memorial to the Bolton steeplejack who died of cancer last November.’
    • ‘People in other occupations - say, steeplejacks, miners, deep-sea divers, anyone working with asbestos - may be exposed to higher risks of job related disease or death.’
    • ‘These modern-day steeplejacks do something I would never contemplate - climbing towers and literally hanging off them.’
    • ‘In this way, like superior steeplejacks, climbers overcame these gigantic cliffs, a voyage of discovery on an ocean of fear.’
    • ‘Ultimately, the computer doesn't care how we get to a final software design any more than the steeplejack building a bridge cares how the bridge design was refined and validated.’
    • ‘Archibald, Gilchrist and Muir had an information storage and retrieval system which required the services of a suicidal steeplejack.’
    • ‘When his first wife walked out on him, she accused the eccentric, chimney-toppling steeplejack of living in the last century.’
    • ‘His grandmother was a widow whose steeplejack husband had died in a tragic accident, and who subsequently lost two of her four sons in the war.’