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  • 1The action of steering a vehicle, vessel, or aircraft.

    ‘it is a good place for learner drivers to practise their steering’
    • ‘the test's high failure rate was caused by poor observation and steering’
    • ‘In some models the driver can switch to a sport set-up that not only regulates the drive performance, but also speeds up throttle pedal response and ensures steering is responsive.’
    • ‘On trips, which varied from motorways to city roundabouts, I found it handled beautifully and steering was effortless.’
    • ‘I noticed that my steering was pulling to one side.’
    • ‘Sharp steering and rear-wheel drive give the feel of a car much larger in stature and the distinctive personality of the rest of the BMW range.’
    • ‘The gatekeeper, cursing the wayward steering, was then surprised to be rebuked by the Archbishop from his position in the driving seat.’
    • ‘I tucked into the kerbside as far as practical, while the driver thankfully managed to adjust the erratic steering.’
    • ‘They had their steering fixed there and set out on the final leg to Nigeria.’
    • ‘The steering is sharp, the handling precise and the standard five-speed manual gearbox easy to use.’
    • ‘Lubhaya added that the mishap occurred as the steering of the vehicle got locked at the sharp curve.’
    • ‘Right now, the steering is a little erratic.’
    • ‘It was a second, two seconds, I was on ice or something - the steering had gone, it was not responding.’
    • ‘There was a most disconcerting wobble to the steering.’
    • ‘Although beaten a long way by Museeb, King Forever looks capable of winning at this level, and trainer Jeremy Noseda has engaged Robert Winston to do the steering.’
    • ‘Now this ‘car’ does not have a steering, as all cars normally should.’
    • ‘Beddor is a blur of shifting, braking, and precise steering.’
    • ‘Its steering is direct and at times feels deceptively quicker than the 2.7 lock to lock turns may suggest.’
    • ‘Taxi steering was by heel brakes, until you discovered differential thrust for guidance.’
    • ‘The new model's road manners are more than agreeable, with light steering, a slick gearbox and a good ride.’
    • ‘In FWS tow mode, the rear axle won't turn as much so you don't turn too tight into your trailer and the rear steering direction will change over sooner.’
    • ‘The steering becomes quite heavy, and you suffer a little bit of over-steer normally and this will be important for tomorrow's race, with the hot temperatures and only one set of tyres.’
    1. 1.1The mechanism in a vehicle, vessel, or aircraft which makes it possible to steer it in different directions.
      ‘I suspect the steering is heavy because it is faulty’
      • ‘the steering box’
      • ‘The only problem is that cars without a mechanical connection for steering are banned under EU regulations.’
      • ‘The electronic servo steering is exact, direct and adjusts itself according to speed of travel.’
      • ‘Only some feral instinct keeps you pumping the brake pedal and steering into the skid, so that you slide instead of spin.’
      • ‘‘You may pay a little extra for electric steering but you can pair it with two different systems,’ says Healy.’
      • ‘One Mercedes mini-bus, which had dropped off passengers from Hull, was found to have no front brakes, faulty steering, faulty lights, bald tyres and stank of diesel.’
      • ‘It was child's play to drive, with fully-electric steering and brakes, as well as automatic transmission.’
      • ‘Faults were found on the brakes, steering and suspension, with vehicles averaging 14 minor and four major problems.’
      • ‘The car comes with a long wheelbase combined with widened racks, lower centre of gravity, sporty and direct steering and a responsive 6-speed gearbox.’
      • ‘He says that new features such as electronic powered steering and database wiring looms, which use one wire for three or four signals, mean many cars are unsuitable for adaptations.’
      • ‘We have a six-speed sequential gearbox (which makes gear changing very much quicker than in a road car), and very direct and positive steering.’
      • ‘Some buses examined by inspectors in the last year have been found to have defective steering, faulty brakes or even bald tyres.’
      • ‘We particularly liked the responsive and sharp electric power assisted steering.’
      • ‘The list of faults included defective tyres, faulty brakes and defective steering.’
      • ‘In order to assist the pilot in flying at low level, control wheel steering was built into the autopilot.’
      • ‘The steering, which is hydraulically assisted on both models, is very much of the point and turn variety with even more precise control on the Cup.’
      • ‘With bike trailers the parent is in full control of steering, braking, speed and balance.’
      • ‘The steering and brakes are nicely weighted for a commanding but undemanding drive.’
      • ‘He immediately changed from automatic to manual steering and put the wheel hard to port.’
      • ‘Their normal job is to pull trucks and buses off the road and make spot checks of steering, brakes and so forth; they know the firms and drivers, and are known by them.’
      • ‘The steering, gearbox and pedals are all intuitive in their use.’



/ˈstiriNG/ /ˈstɪrɪŋ/