Definition of stenography in English:


Pronunciation /stəˈnäɡrəfē/ /stəˈnɑɡrəfi/

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North American
  • The action or process of writing in shorthand or taking dictation.

    ‘They sought a white-collar and clerical staff capable of using the latest office machinery, with modern office skills (such as stenography and typing), polished grammar, and some mathematical prowess.’
    • ‘Its first students studied ‘commercial skills’ such as typing and stenography.’
    • ‘When she returned home to Carlisle, Pennsylvania, she enrolled immediately in a local commercial college and a year later, after learning typing and stenography, sent out applications.’
    • ‘The other young stars, judging by their paucity of further credits, apparently used the film as a springboard to careers in such varied fields as stenography, dental hygiene, and automotive repair.’
    • ‘Unlike most other crimes, it is technically possible for a spy to encrypt, hide evidence using stenography, or both, and even completely delete all traces of evidence that was once on media.’
    • ‘Born near London, England, Insull learned stenography, emigrated to America, and landed a job in 1880 as the personal secretary of Thomas Edison.’
    • ‘While a young adult, she teaches herself stenography, which will become one of the primary means of sustaining herself for the rest of her life.’
    • ‘She graduated from the renowned Boston's Girls' High School and shortly thereafter pursued stenography for a livelihood.’
    • ‘It's called a stenotype machine, and it's also used for captioning television broadcasts and general office stenography.’
    • ‘The chore of stenography, however, was open to both men and women in the beginning.’
    • ‘Those attending are the White House correspondents, their average age surprisingly young, whose job - though involving some exotic travel and hobnobbing - tends toward a form of stenography.’
    • ‘Barely 12 or 13 inmates had turned up during 1998-2003 for tailoring and stenography.’
    • ‘The speed and accuracy of stenography make it ideally suited to capturing the fast, and unpredictable, output of live broadcasts.’
    • ‘He informed people of the importance of Urdu stenography and Urdu computer software.’


Early 17th century from Greek stenos ‘narrow’+ -graphy.