Definition of stenosis in English:


nounplural noun stenoses/-ˌsēz/

  • The abnormal narrowing of a passage in the body.

    ‘there is evidence of stenosis’
    • ‘renal artery stenosis’
    • ‘a stenosis at the level of the hilum was diagnosed’
    • ‘Examples of fixed obstruction include tracheal stenosis, foreign body, or neoplasm.’
    • ‘Patients with bilateral renal artery stenosis commonly have impaired renal function.’
    • ‘If a patient presents with symptoms of carotid artery stenosis, the cause must be identified.’
    • ‘Excessive response may occur in cases of renal artery stenosis or after diuretics.’
    • ‘Complications of radiation therapy include anal ulcers, anal stenosis and necrosis.’
    tightening, narrowing, shrinking, squeezing



/stəˈnōsəs/ /stəˈnoʊsəs/


Late 19th century modern Latin, from Greek stenōsis ‘narrowing’, from stenoun ‘make narrow’, from stenos ‘narrow’.