Definition of step by step in English:

step by step


  • So as to progress gradually and carefully from one stage to the next.

    ‘I'll explain it to you step by step’
    as modifier ‘a step-by-step guide’
    • ‘She loved pranks, but they had to be carefully planned out, step by step, whereas he just did it.’
    • ‘He guides you step by step through comprehensive and easy to follow instructions.’
    • ‘Now in a step by step guide, I'll show you how I can achieve this.’
    • ‘Sarah has written a book about their experiences with a step by step guide for people wanting to do it themselves.’
    • ‘They followed this step by step guide to equipment and software applications at their own speed.’
    • ‘The exhibits suggested ways and means to reduce weight step by step.’
    • ‘Your mind and body will find it a lot easier to receive the changes if you make them step by step rather than all in one go in the hope that they will fit together nicely in the swing.’
    • ‘The software contains lesson plans, which enable the teacher to cover each of these elements step by step.’
    • ‘And it lays out step by step what was done to assemble this bomb and deliver this bomb.’
    • ‘Pat got right down to business, taking the group step by step through the fundamentals of writing poetry.’
    one step at a time, bit by bit, gradually, in stages, by degrees, slowly, steadily, slowly but surely
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step by step

/ˌstɛp bʌɪ ˈstɛp/