Definition of step forward in English:

step forward

phrasal verb

  • Offer one's help or services.

    ‘a company has stepped forward to sponsor the team’
    • ‘It was at this point the man - who had been seated near to the pair on the train - stepped forward to offer his help.’
    • ‘At press time no student had stepped forward offering to cover the substantial deficit.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Government sanction has enabled the East Midlands Development Agency to offer allowances for parties stepping forward to help fund the race.’
    • ‘To Fidel's surprise, his old comrade Che Guevara steps forward, and is duly appointed Finance Minister.’
    • ‘Unless a major business steps forward in the future, the carnival could also be in jeopardy.’
    • ‘I share with my sister and mother the doom of always stepping forward when we see something that needs doing that no-one else will own.’
    • ‘To the coaches and co-ordinators - thanks for stepping forward when we came asking.’
    • ‘This was a case of a courageous individual stepping forward and enabling the Army to police itself.’
    • ‘It's just a case of being confident, stepping forward and accepting responsibility like a man.’
    • ‘Fourteen candidates stepped forward to jockey for the four available positions.’