Definition of step into someone's shoes in English:

step into someone's shoes


  • Take control of a task or job from another person.

    ‘he failed to notice the ambitious young men waiting to step into his shoes’
    • ‘He has already stepped into Kenyon 's shoes once before, replacing him as deputy chief executive three years ago.’
    • ‘She may be stepping into Boyle's shoes, but she won't be taking his revolutionary approach.’
    • ‘The man stepping into his shoes, however, is no shadowy unknown.’
    • ‘As soon as my father was gone, Nick stepped into his shoes.’
    • ‘He stepped into her shoes once before, when she had to pull out due to family crises.’
    • ‘House sitters not only help deter your home from being the target of a burglary, but they step into your shoes and take care of the small things on a day to day basis.’
    • ‘Over the past few years we have managed to put about half-a-dozen dealers behind bars but there are always successors ready to step into their shoes.’
    • ‘But this week, the majority of those drivers returned to their posts and learner drivers did not step into their shoes as intended.’
    • ‘Who has the authority, the sheer gravitas, to step into his shoes?’
    • ‘Later this month he steps into Gene Kelly's shoes in the £500,000 stage version of Oscar winning film, ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ at London's Sadler's Wells Theatre.’
    deputize, act, act as deputy, substitute, act as substitute, act as stand-in, fill in, sit in, do duty, take over, act as understudy, act as locum, do a locum, be a proxy, cover, provide cover, hold the fort, step into the breach