Definition of steplike in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌlīk/


See step

‘MID is described as having a step-like progress instead of inflicting a continuous decline as in Alzheimer's disease.’
  • ‘Three beautiful specimens are assigned to this new species, which is characterized by step-like whorls, coarse and prominent collabral costae and spiral caring on the ramp, and a columellar lip with two folds.’
  • ‘The dark-adapted S. coeruleus cell, when subjected to a step-like increase in light intensity, responds with a depolarizing receptor potential.’
  • ‘Faced with an acute shortage of labour at the end of the 1960s, along with escalating costs, growers began to look for alternatives to the tiny, step-like terraces built with high retaining walls in the 19th century.’
  • ‘The staggering of the panels creates a step-like effect, which echoes the motion of the dog and emphasizes the painting's disharmonies of scale, color and reference.’
  • ‘If we look around a scene, thinking that our eyes are roaming smoothly, they are, in fact, making a series of step-like shifts of gaze.’