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  • 1Having or formed into a step or series of steps.

    ‘a building with stepped access’
    • ‘We lurched up a series of rough, stepped rock pavements to access the plateau above the falaise.’
    • ‘The second type of machine overcomes both of these disadvantages by making use of only one electric motor to drive a series of stepped cones.’
    • ‘Anyone walking along the main atrium hallway towards the temporary exhibition space is confronted by a series of huge steel stepped arches.’
    • ‘Above them are hospitality rooms and a stepped series of terraces with views to the bay.’
    • ‘The terraced garden is not just a series of regimented stepped rows running up the hill.’
    • ‘There is a picnic area by the Martello tower and a stepped access to the lower promenade.’
    • ‘Outside there is a large statue of a woman reclining in a stepped waterfall.’
    • ‘There were cities of temples, castles and grand, stepped pyramids; pools for sacrifice and courts for elaborate games.’
    • ‘The one Italian icon not worshipped here is the motorcar, which is of little more use in the stepped alleyways than it would be in the Tyrrhenian Sea.’
    • ‘Tight, sometimes tiny, stepped lanes weave between old stone houses with painted wooden doors and shuttered windows.’
    • ‘But, as with so many older shops in York, there is a stepped entrance.’
    • ‘He guided Tennyson and Clara to a stepped display that looked rather like Tennysons' model of a ziggurat from History class.’
    • ‘Wright imagined five stepped ceiling planes up and out from the stage, reflecting sound back down toward the rear of the house.’
    • ‘The most obvious refinements are the column shafts which taper on a curve rather than a straight line and the stepped platform which the columns sit on as well.’
    • ‘The new mound seems to have been built in stages producing the effect of a stepped cone.’
    1. 1.1Carried out or occurring in stages or with pauses rather than continuously.
      • ‘a stepped scale of discounts’



/stept/ /stɛpt/