Definition of stepsister in English:



  • A daughter of one's step-parent by a marriage other than with one's own father or mother.

    • ‘On behalf of the community we extend our deepest sympathy to his sisters, stepsisters, nephews, nieces relatives and friends.’
    • ‘She wasn't entirely his sister, only his stepsister.’
    • ‘Cinderella told her father that she's looking forward to seeing both her stepsisters.’
    • ‘Now, this Princess's mother had died when she was very young and she lived with her father, stepmother, and two stepsisters.’
    • ‘He promises his father he will help take care of his stepmother and stepsisters, but he is easily persuaded to give them nothing.’
    • ‘With the help of his older stepsisters, Curtis met his biological mother in 1990.’
    • ‘She called out to her father, her stepmother and her stepsister.’
    • ‘Surly his own mother would have told her, his stepsister, about him.’
    • ‘He could not beat up his stepsister… not in the school her father was principle of.’
    • ‘It is estimated that by 2010 there will be more stepfamilies in the UK than biological families and this programme will look specifically at the relationships between stepbrothers and stepsisters.’
    • ‘He is survived by 10 children, 20 grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, a brother and four stepsisters.’
    • ‘Even if you can't talk to your mom or stepsisters about the challenges of stepfamilies, nixing the name-calling would be a move in the right direction.’
    • ‘I have about eight stepsisters and stepbrothers, for a variety of reasons.’
    • ‘My stepsister eats from her flock all the time, or did when I last checked, and other farmers of my acquaintance display no iota of sentimentality about their animals.’
    • ‘My stepsister and I would lie, terrified, in a sweltering hotel room, turning up our walkmans and longing for home where at least we had the sanctuary of our own bedrooms to escape the bitterness and shouting.’
    • ‘Plus, his mom and dad are divorced, so he has 2 stepsisters and 3 stepbrothers, plus another ½ sister.’
    • ‘Maybe it's because she's leaving Saturday for a two week trip to California with her father, stepmother and stepsister.’
    • ‘Your stepmother and stepsisters probably love you, but just have a hard time showing it.’
    • ‘Our parents remarried each other, so we're technically stepsisters, but… we're as close as real ones.’
    • ‘We also believe there are some real risks in opening up the court to so many more parties - aunties, uncles, stepbrothers, stepsisters, grandparents.’