Definition of sterane in English:



  • Any of a class of saturated polycyclic hydrocarbons which are found in crude oils and are derived from the sterols of ancient organisms.

    • ‘This biomarker group is, like the steranes, characterized by numerous maturity-sensitive stereoisomers.’
    • ‘But because steranes are commonly degraded by bacteria, they are of limited use.’
    • ‘Contrary to expectation, the relative abundance of steranes seems to be lower than that of the hopanoids, with the variety of hopanoid structures greatly outnumbering those of the steranes.’
    • ‘The distribution of phenanthrenes, aromatic steranes, and dibenzothiophenes shows regular dependence on the maturity of organic matter.’
    • ‘Some of the other archaeological samples look quite similar to bitumen derived from Cretaceous source rock, based on the distribution patterns of steranes and terpanes.’


1950s from steroid+ -ane.



/ˈstɪəreɪn/ /ˈstɛreɪn/