Definition of stereo in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsterēō/ /ˈstɛrioʊ/

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  • 1Sound that is directed through two or more speakers so that it seems to surround the listener and to come from more than one source; stereophonic sound.

    ‘even without the benefit of stereo it sounds glorious’
    • ‘stereo sound’
    • ‘Audio is unimpressive stereo, sounding a bit muffled and hollow.’
    • ‘That fine picture may also be accompanied by stunning surround-sound stereo.’
    • ‘Sound is early stereo - okay, but nothing to write home about.’
    • ‘The sound mix is stereo, and suitably fine given the lack of anything other than French dialogue and rustling fabric.’
    • ‘The sounds are in stereo when gamers plug in a pair of headphones.’
    • ‘The sound is just stereo, but it has clear dialogue and well-mixed music.’
    • ‘Sound is in stereo, but that doesn't matter because nothing loud ever happens.’
    • ‘The sound is stereo for the narration, but the clips appear to be mainly mono as originally recorded.’
    • ‘The sound is in stereo, but we're not talking about anything that will push your system to its limits.’
    • ‘The sound is stereo, and is a bit bass-heavy and muddy, but dialogue is easily heard.’
    • ‘This is a terrific sound mix that makes good use of the multichannel sound that stereo offers.’
    • ‘The sound is only in stereo, but it has been well designed and features good separation.’
    • ‘My player detected the surround track as mere stereo.’
    • ‘The reproduction of sound first started with the use of a single speaker before progressing to stereo.’
    • ‘"Of course we'll do them in hi-fi stereo," he said.’
    • ‘More recently the film has been remixed in digital stereo.’
    1. 1.1A sound system, typically including a CD, tape, or record player, that has two or more speakers and produces stereo sound.
      ‘the dull throb of a neighbor's stereo’
      • ‘a car stereo’
      • ‘Portable stereos were blasting and beers being downed as people milled around watching the artists at work.’
      • ‘When you steal my car stereo, I can no longer enjoy it.’
      • ‘You would also think that making it legal to steal car stereos would maximize the amount of theft.’
      • ‘During the bus ride, they would scream at the bus driver and play their portable stereo.’
      • ‘In fact, more and more manufacturers of personal stereos are opting for rechargeable batteries, although it's ridiculous.’
      • ‘He nodded his head to the beat of the music blasting from the surround sound stereo equipment in the corner.’
      • ‘For example, don't buy a new stereo when you're in a euphoric mood.’
      • ‘The next morning I woke to the sound of my stereo blaring rock music.’
      • ‘I blast the stereo, crack open a fresh can of paint and transform a room.’
      • ‘Greg only laughed and got out of the pool to turn the stereo on.’
      • ‘I reached over and turned my stereo on and instantly knew the song playing.’
      • ‘Matt cranked his stereo so I wouldn't be able to sleep a wink and it worked.’
      • ‘Add in televisions, CD stereos and DVD players and the total replacement bill could easily top £2,000.’
      • ‘He went over to the stereo in the room and put in a cd.’
      • ‘Suddenly, they heard music playing from the stereo in the living room.’
      • ‘At the opposite end on the same floor we found a game room which contained a pool table and ping-pong, as well as a bar and surround sound stereo.’
      • ‘His booming stereo masked any sound of my presence.’
      • ‘So police and environmental health officers this week raided his home and seized his TV, stereo and all sound equipment.’
      • ‘To demonstrate this point, simply listen to your stereo.’
      • ‘Then she muted the sound on her stereo and smiled.’
  • 2Photography

    another term for stereoscope

    • ‘This year's effort dangled Sony portable stereos and Konica cameras.’
  • 3Printing

    short for stereotype


short for stereophonic
‘stereo equipment’
  • ‘stereo sound’
  • ‘The room wasn't built for a huge entertainment center with surround sound and stereo equipment.’
  • ‘The audio comes in a stereo mix, which sounds fairly hollow.’
  • ‘Two stereo surround sound mixes, both in English, are offered here.’
  • ‘Your ears will hear pristine audio from built-in stereo speakers.’
  • ‘This is something else; a poor wrenching of mono sound into a stereo mix.’
  • ‘And they can hear it in full stereo sound… even Dolby surround sound if you want.’
  • ‘I played on my stereo headphones and I could already discern the direction various sounds are coming from.’
  • ‘A mono mix is appropriate since stereo sound was rarely used, if at all, in the early forties.’
  • ‘Sound is a mono feed into a basic stereo output and sounds good considering its age.’
  • ‘With him, I do things I might not do on my own, like the time that Stan, an avid guitar player, took me shopping for high-end stereo equipment.’
  • ‘The original stereo mix sounds best to these ears.’
  • ‘This device allows the stereo focus of the sound to change according to the movements of the actor's head, and for his own voice and breathing to be recorded in the most intimate way.’
  • ‘Sound is a typical stereo mix for films of this age.’
  • ‘Since the included stereo track also sounds relatively cramped and subdued, optional subtitles should have been included.’
  • ‘Consumer imports include cosmetics, stereo equipment, sporting goods, and household products.’
  • ‘Manufacturers are notorious for overrating the power of their stereo equipment.’
  • ‘If you plan to play the audio through your stereo system, as in a home theater, make sure the DVD player has a digital-audio output.’
  • ‘You get the show shot in full frame and a pretty fine stereo sound mix.’
  • ‘In addition, the rear panel contains separate stereo microphone and stereo line inputs.’
  • ‘You generally do both stereo and surround mixes at the same time?’
short for stereoscopic