Definition of stereognostic in English:




See stereognosis

  • ‘Assessment of stereognostic skills also produced no evidence of impaired tactile integration skill.’
  • ‘Various epidemiological studies on the oral behavior habits have revealed a sensorial deficiency and a stereognostic incapacity in thumb sucker and tongue pulser children.’
  • ‘These include apparatus for visual discrimination, auditory, tactile, gustatory, olfactory, thermic, baric, and stereognostic discrimination.’
  • ‘The education of the stereognostic sense leads to the recognition of objects through feeling, that is, through the simultaneous help of the tactile and muscular senses, while refining the visual sense when forming a visual image while holding an object.’
  • ‘As one of the most captivating exercises in early childhood education, the Montessori mystery bag is an ideal way of developing children's intellectual curiosity and refinement of senses, but first of all, their stereognostic sense.’