Definition of stereogram in English:



  • 1A diagram or computer-generated image giving a three-dimensional representation of a solid object or surface.

    • ‘When comparing c axis orientations relative to the whole organism, c axes are plotted on stereograms that represent an oral view of the specimen, such that the oral-aboral axis plots vertically, at the center of the stereogram.’
    • ‘It was reminiscent of a stereogram, hinting at some ‘three dimensional’ image that would pop into view if you looked at it just right and concentrated hard enough.’
    • ‘Video imaging and photographic stereograms are but two examples.’
    • ‘I agreed, because the box had 3-d glasses you could use to behold the stereograms on the candy wrappers.’
    • ‘Inspired by 3D stereograms in magazines, he came up with a use for this phenomenon.’
  • 2A stereo radiogram.



/ˈstɛrɪə(ʊ)ɡram/ /ˈstɪərɪə(ʊ)ɡram/