Definition of stereoisomer in English:



  • Each of two or more compounds differing only in the spatial arrangement of their atoms.

    ‘Enantiomers are stereoisomers whose molecules are nonsuperposable mirror-images of each other.’
    • ‘Most importantly, stereoisomers are not spatially superimposable.’
    • ‘For instance, in the case of the two active stereoisomers we showed that only the stereochemistry at the amine and hydroxyl functions on the scaffold were important - the third chiral centre is not.’
    • ‘The glycerol used to make archaeal phospholipids is a stereoisomer of the glycerol used to build bacterial and eukaryotic membranes.’
    • ‘One of the errors in the literature talking about ‘mateine’ is the claim that it is a stereoisomer of caffeine.’



/ˌsterēōˈīsəmər/ /ˌstɛrioʊˈaɪsəmər/