Definition of stereometry in English:



  • The measurement of solid bodies.

    ‘When, later, in stereometry [solid geometry], an appeal was made to my imagination, it went a bit better, but in school I never excelled in that subject.’
    • ‘First Plato identifies a group of five rather than four sciences and decries the neglect of his proposed fifth science, stereometry (solid geometry), with a probable allusion to Archytas.’
    • ‘It is, rather, a handbook for philosophy students, written to illustrate how arithmetic, geometry, stereometry, music, and astronomy are interrelated.’
    • ‘In 1820 Brisson was appointed professor of stereometry and construction at the École des Ponts et Chaussées.’
    • ‘It is very easy to speculate how Aristotle would fill in the relations in the table; e.g., would he put stereometry below geometry, as Plato does in Rep. vii?’



/ˌsterēˈämətrē/ /ˌstɛriˈɑmətri/