Definition of stereospecific in English:



another term for stereoselective
  • ‘Enzymes have been widely praised for their specificity and efficiency in stereospecific catalysis.’
  • ‘Third, the reactions are ordinarily very stereospecific.’
  • ‘This observation seems inconsistent with the hypothesis that myosin heads bind to actin in a stereospecific conformation in low ionic strength relaxing conditions.’
  • ‘In order for both cross-bridges to make identical, stereospecific contacts with actin, a much larger amount of angular distortion would be required than has previously been observed in actin cross-bridges.’
  • ‘This behavior is consistent with the idea that a small amount of rigorlike, stereospecific actomyosin complexes are formed as a result of normal contractile activity.’



/ˌstɛrɪəʊspɪˈsɪfɪk/ /ˌstɪərɪəʊspɪˈsɪfɪk/