Definition of steric in English:


Pronunciation /ˈstɛrɪk/ /ˈstɪərɪk/


  • Relating to the spatial arrangement of atoms in a molecule, especially as it affects chemical reactions.

    • ‘In addition, this secondary amine presents some steric impediment by the glucose molecule from the terpenoid moiety.’
    • ‘In such a situation, the large additive will be excluded from solvating the gap between the protein molecules for steric reasons.’
    • ‘This is purely a geometric effect, since these calculations do not use any energy functions other than those implicit in the steric interactions and the chemical bonds.’
    • ‘The molecule quickly blossoms in size and, because of steric crowding, it adopts a three dimensional or spherical shape.’
    • ‘This molecule has a structure that is twisted into the shape of a propeller with six blades because of steric interactions among its hydrogen atoms.’


Late 19th century formed irregularly from Greek stereos ‘solid’ + -ic.



/ˈstɛrɪk/ /ˈstɪərɪk/