Definition of sterically in English:




See steric

‘Cholesterol can also sterically block large molecules of fatty acyl chains, making the cell membrane less fluid, thus controlling the membrane fluidity.’
  • ‘The influence of branching on the enzymatic stability of the compounds was investigated, as it is known that sterically hindered ester prodrugs are more stable toward enzymatic hydrolysis.’
  • ‘In our calculations, however, the single x-ray snapshot was replaced by a variety of sterically consistent conformers that likely interconvert.’
  • ‘The lower efficiency of surfactants with large headgroups can be understood as a steric effect, where a bulky headgroup sterically hinders the hydrophobic residues on the peptide from interacting with the micelle core.’
  • ‘Because the pore in most parts can sterically accommodate an ion with its hydration shell, the conformation was deemed open.’