Definition of sternutator in English:



  • An agent that causes sneezing, especially one used in chemical warfare that causes irritation to the nose and eyes, pain in the chest, and nausea.

    • ‘Gases are classified by their principal effects as lachrymators (spelled lacrimators by the military), sternutators, vesicants, lung irritants, vomiting gases or systemic poisons.’
    • ‘The dried plant, reduced to a powder, is a sternutator, ideal for headaches and sinusitis.’
    • ‘In the medical lore of Europe during the Middle Ages, pastes, emetics, purgatives, emmenagogues, sternutators, convulsants, clysters, physical maneuvers, and pessaries are mentioned.’
    • ‘The comparison of the analytical results with and without derivatization shows that the sternutators in the investigated samples are partly metabolized.’
    • ‘A solution has not yet been found for the disposal of explosives mixed with sternutators or irritants, e.g. TNT with adamsite, which can neither be disposed of through explosive demolition nor burned, but need careful separation of components.’