Definition of stewing in English:



  • (of meat or other food) suitable for stewing.

    ‘a stewing chicken’
    • ‘A ‘steak and kidney’ pie consists of a stewing steak mix with onion and gravy, to which is added a chopped kidney or two.’
    • ‘Needless to say there was indeed a nice mouse-sized chunk of Harry's favourite gristle-packed stewing steak oozing gore on a covered saucer in the fridge.’
    • ‘More than 450,000 people were fed in the streets on Coronation day, possibly with ‘Carbonadde Flamande’ which was a dish of stewing steak, onions, and beer in a butter sauce.’
    • ‘The recipe calls for pork butt, but I use stewing beef and I've even seen it done with bison steaks.’
    • ‘We had a big oval iron pan into which he would put a rabbit, stewing beef and all the vegetables we had.’
    • ‘Tonight I decided to expand my range with the oven and having bought a load of stewing lamb from the proper butcher I set about doing a casserole.’
    • ‘The traditional way is to cook a tough old stewing chicken until it falls apart, but younger ones demand a more sympathetic treatment.’
    • ‘Joel carefully weighs two metal washtubs full of stewing hens, then rinses his hands.’
    • ‘If you can't find a stewing hen, or don't fancy plucking it, some commercial soups do the job just as well.’
    • ‘Into a large pot was put tinned stewing steak, peas, beans and fresh potatoes and water.’
    • ‘Now, stewing hens are in big demand.’
    • ‘The first two were bought because we felt bad they were being sold as stewing rabbits.’



/ˈst(y)o͞oiNG/ /ˈst(j)uɪŋ/