Definition of stewpot in English:



  • A large pot in which stews are cooked.

    • ‘It must have been used on stewpots and casseroles, whether they were imported or not.’
    • ‘In the past, nomadic Roma always kept a stewpot simmering in the camp.’
    • ‘She invites them in and, once they realize she's not going to chop them up and boil them in a stewpot, they begin to bring a new light into her eyes just sitting and chatting with her every day or so.’
    • ‘In the traditional menu maize dishes, goat meat, fish, and stewpots of local vegetables (peas, beans) dominate.’
    • ‘For days, demonstrators trickled into Lima aboard trucks and buses from the Andes, the jungle and the Pacific coast, sleeping in open-air tent camps and eating from communal stewpots.’
    • ‘The results are as expected, a stewpot of personal and social concerns explored with varying degrees of success.’
    • ‘Mama turned from the stewpot, a sour expression warping her countenance as she beheld my infantile behavior.’
    • ‘Claudia smiled at her, and placed the stewpot on a low table, and indicated to her slaves to do the same with the pots they carried.’
    • ‘Then I came back in and filled the stewpot with turnips that she had finished.’
    • ‘The fear of death stirs slowly within my chest cavity, like a stewpot lazily bubbling.’
    • ‘I was looking for a stewpot in the kitchen- I still haven't found that particular one, but I know it's there somewhere.’
    • ‘The camp is home to a bandit and contains a firepit with a stewpot and plate near a single tent.’
    cooking utensil, container, receptacle, vessel