Definition of stick (or poke) one's bib in in English:

stick (or poke) one's bib in


Australian informal
  • Interfere.

    • ‘If the Premier was to stick his bib in and overturn the ruling, the right and proper ruling of the state’s senior law officer, we would be on the way to anarchy.’
    • ‘Jeff asks why his old man had to stick his bib in; he could have won - he knows he could have; now look at him: useless.’
    • ‘And you can bet Alison will stick her bib in it again.’
    • ‘He has always enjoyed the process of politics, getting people on side, coming up with better plans and speaking out in committees—or as he puts it, sticking his bib in.’
    • ‘So your input is nothing less than you sticking your bib in where it was neither asked for, nor wanted.’