Definition of stick around in English:

stick around

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phrasal verb

  • Remain in or near a place.

    • ‘I'd like to stick around and watch the game’
    • ‘While I contentedly stuck around, his seat remained empty after intermission.’
    • ‘I knew I could have just stuck around and hung out with him for a bit.’
    • ‘The tournament was almost over, so we just stuck around and watched the rest of it.’
    • ‘The protesters stuck around, and they said they wanted to be arrested.’
    • ‘I stuck around for a few more drinks while I mulled this opportunity.’
    • ‘I pretty much finished uni for the day at 9am, but stuck around, and read my textbook on South Lawn.’
    • ‘He was giving me less and less and I was getting less and less, but still I stuck around.’
    • ‘Now that I think about it, technically, as witnesses, we should have stuck around.’
    • ‘Janet always sticks around after the gig and chats to the crowd.’
    • ‘Still, I hope he sticks around until the final show.’