Definition of stick in one's mind (or memory) in English:

stick in one's mind (or memory)


  • Be remembered clearly and for a long time.

    ‘one particular incident sticks in my mind’
    • ‘Despite the findings of official American investigations, however, the rallying cries stick in our minds.’
    • ‘I see nothing improbable in such an important matter for Orion sticking in his memory.’
    • ‘The hum of the bombers is stuck in my mind.’
    • ‘Two events only from our visit stick in my memory.’
    • ‘The daily 8 am meetings stick in my memory.’
    • ‘The photo of the gun stuck in my mind.’
    • ‘The images of human beings callously slaughtered will stick in my mind for a long time.’
    • ‘Withering criticism can stick in our minds for a long time.’
    • ‘What sticks in my mind is a meeting about the struggles in the car industry.’
    • ‘Nothing sticks in my mind in terms of what the correct answer is to anything.’