Definition of stick it to in English:

stick it to


informalNorth American
  • Treat harshly or severely.

    • ‘In a closed meeting, he stuck it to the Internet gambling site's rep and lawyer, by threatening to go to the press with the fact they let a minor run up so much debt.’
    • ‘Nor would I have known that there are people who think they're sticking it to the man by getting paid 90 bucks an hour to dive into a radioactive-materials storage pool and clean it.’
    • ‘So file sharers should remember that they're not just sticking it to the record companies; they're sticking it to the folks who actually buy their music.’
    • ‘In the end you are also sticking it to every man and woman who works behind the scenes to make sure that art gets produced and put out to the public.’
    • ‘It will take more than fiery speeches about sticking it to the man to penetrate this mindset.’
    • ‘He had just the right touch of the defeated man, proud of his son for sticking it to the government.’
    • ‘The opposition party isn't slow to spot a chance to stick it to the competition by calling in the vice squad.’
    • ‘We just can't resist an opportunity to stick it to the president.’
    • ‘I think it was an attempt to really stick it to people who don't agree with those values.’
    • ‘He got me on to the floor and stuck it to me good and proper.’