Definition of stick on in English:

stick on

phrasal verb

  • 1stick something on someonePlace the blame for a mistake or wrongdoing on someone.

    • ‘They figured he was the youngest one, so they would stick it on him.’
    • ‘Like every other industry the execs would like to stick the blame on junior employees for screw ups and take credit for the successes.’
    • ‘Usually, they stuck the blame on the wrong person and never did a damn thing about the root cause.’
  • 2be stuck on someoneBe infatuated with someone.

    • ‘he's too good for Jenny, even though she's so stuck on him’
    • ‘She's been very direct with him, tried everything she can think of, but he's completely stuck on her.’
    • ‘He never wants to lead me on, but because of that, I’m stuck on him.’
    • ‘I am really stuck on him and my heart is entirely dedicated to him.’
    infatuated with, besotted with, smitten with, in love with, head over heels in love with, hopelessly in love with, obsessed with, enamoured of, very attracted to, very taken with, devoted to, charmed by, captivated by, enchanted by, enthralled by, bewitched by, beguiled by, under someone's spell