Definition of stick out for in English:

stick out for

phrasal verb

  • Refuse to accept less than (what one has asked for)

    ‘they offered him a Rover but Vic stuck out for a Jaguar’
    • ‘It was a storytelling imperative that made the director stick out for at least two films.’
    • ‘We should get £300 a week now without any strings or job losses, and that's what I want to see the union sticking out for.’
    • ‘They are determined to stick out for £5.53 an hour and for a guaranteed end to the two-tier workforce.’
    • ‘Aware of his scarcity value, he stuck out for record fees - a million dollars, reputedly, for his last trip to Japan.’
    • ‘The porters and domestics rejected a deal from their bosses and stuck out for better than £5 an hour.’
    • ‘It's made us even more determined to stick out for a decent pay increase.’
    • ‘We voted overwhelmingly against going for a local settlement and to stick out for national.’