Definition of stick to one's guns in English:

stick to one's guns


  • Refuse to compromise or change, despite criticism.

    • ‘we have stuck to our guns on that issue’
    • ‘Labour MPs determined to shoot down controversial plans for variable university top-up fees are poised to stick to their guns, despite last-ditch compromise proposals from the Government.’
    • ‘Despite the criticism, the archbishop stuck to his guns.’
    • ‘She is sticking to her guns and point blank refusing to send him anywhere else.’
    • ‘He will stick to his guns, despite all the mounting evidence.’
    • ‘It made him think that force was a suitable way of dealing with tricky problems, and that if you stuck to your guns and ploughed on, you would end up as a hero.’
    • ‘Management staff from both teams pleaded with him to continue but he stuck to his guns and abandoned the National Conference One fixture.’
    • ‘He's his own man, doesn't compromise his principles to achieve cheap popularity, but sticks to his guns.’
    • ‘Peers should be open to compromise, but they should also stick to their guns on the important issues.’
    • ‘He stuck to his guns and again insisted he could do nothing to help himself.’
    • ‘Women now also recognise the need to stick to their guns when they are criticised by men.’
    persevere, continue, carry on, go on, keep at it, keep on, keep going, keep it up, not give up, be persistent, be determined, follow something through, see something through, show determination, press ahead, press on, plod on, plough on, stay with something, not take no for an answer