Definition of stick to one's ribs in English:

stick to one's ribs


  • (of food) be filling and nourishing.

    ‘a bowl of soup that will stick to your ribs’
    • ‘Because they had to do hard manual work from early till late, they needed good food that would stick to their ribs.’
    • ‘It was the kind with the thin noodles, and not the thick ones that stick to your ribs, which you need when you've been as sick as I have lately.’
    • ‘It's also the sheer size of the cakes that makes them stick to your ribs (and thighs, abs, and hips).’
    • ‘I like my gossip the same way I like my pancakes: so sweet and hot they stick to your ribs.’
    • ‘Especially in winter, birds need a meal that will stick to their ribs.’
    • ‘Purely utilitarian, it was stuff made to stick to one's ribs and keep them fed, happy and warm against winter's bitter chill.’