Definition of stickbuilt in English:


Pronunciation /ˈstikbilt/ /ˈstɪkbɪlt/


  • (of houses or other buildings) built piece-by-piece on the premises, rather than constructed from prefabricated units.

    • ‘I am so tired of seeing stickbuilt homes demolished and built again.’
    • ‘It is typical to save approximately 20% on the price of a modular home over the price of a stickbuilt one, and have your modular home delivered in eight weeks or less!’
    • ‘Their standards for energy-crafted homes has him just as excited - whether a home's stickbuilt or steel-framed is secondary.’
    • ‘I think that it was a situation where the windward loading doesn't even go into the diaphragm but straight into the foundation directly under the windward wall; It sounds like that situation is not typical with stickbuilt construction.’
    • ‘A few weeks ago some of my clients were interested in viewing both a stick-built home and a modular home, and agreed to look at both in a blind comparison test.’
    • ‘Modular homes are designed to meet the same state and local building codes as traditional stick-built houses.’



/ˈstikbilt/ /ˈstɪkbɪlt/