Definition of stiffener in English:



See stiffen

  • ‘There are shoes with Velcro closure systems, shoes with stretch-neoprene openings, and shoes with nylon midsole stiffeners to increase edge-holding power without losing flexibility.’
  • ‘And why, why, oh why, do shirts still come wrapped in layers of tissue, with cardboard stiffeners and plastic collar supports as well as thousands of pins in the most unlikely places?’
  • ‘Add stiffeners and strengthen lateral bracing on steel members to prevent local buckling before the members reach their full plastic capacity.’
  • ‘If the stuffed animal has cardboard or hardboard stiffeners or joints, these can be destroyed in a washing machine.’
  • ‘While stiffener facilitates the display of intricate embroidery, it also makes the costume a little unwieldy.’