Definition of stifling in English:


Pronunciation /ˈstīf(ə)liNG/ /ˈstaɪf(ə)lɪŋ/

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  • 1(of heat, air, or a room) very hot and causing difficulties in breathing; suffocating.

    ‘stifling heat’
    • ‘Lizzy had to leave the room which had become too stifling.’
    • ‘I wanted to ask how she had endured the frustration, the exasperation, the stifling air, the imprisonment.’
    • ‘The steady thump of drums beat a deadly rhythm in the stifling heat.’
    • ‘Summer in the city can be a sweaty, stifling, unpleasant time.’
    • ‘He said families with young children were the largest group to express their concern about the stifling weather.’
    • ‘Tens of thousands of Pakistanis endured hours of stifling heat for the last couple of days to queue for free handphone connections.’
    • ‘The temperature on that day was a stifling 37 degrees at noon in a few non-urban areas.’
    • ‘The 40 student volunteers staggered through the stifling heat to the Lampert building over the course of two weeks.’
    • ‘The humidity in the summer can be stifling, which may explain why St. Louis ranks fourth in the nation in ice cream parlors.’
    • ‘In the stifling heat, tempers boiled over with depressing regularity.’
    • ‘The heat in the summer can be stifling.’
    • ‘Before too long the air in the jeep was stifling, because of the cigarette smoke and alcohol.’
    • ‘I really enjoy having, in my own home, an escape from those exhausting summer days of high temperatures and stifling humidity.’
    • ‘All through the stifling summer of 1770 the people went on dying.’
    • ‘The weather is almost stifling now.’
    • ‘The growing season starts a little late, but catches up with long days of sunshine and what can be stifling heat at the end of summer.’
    • ‘After numerous reports about energy shortages and no heat, the orchestra's hotel rooms were stifling.’
    • ‘I went outside to escape the stifling atmosphere and sat on the steps.’
    • ‘In the afternoon we sit in the stifling press tent and try to work.’
    • ‘It's hot and stifling up there.’
  • 2Making one feel constrained or oppressed.

    ‘the stifling formality of her family life’
    • ‘The hallmark problem of a monopolist is its stifling effect on innovation.’
    • ‘The level of control exercised by the parties was absolutely stifling.’
    • ‘Naturally, they can hardly accept Shen's stifling love.’
    • ‘To a Western eye, the residential areas have a stifling lack of public space - no parks, few open areas.’
    • ‘The continuing absence of a stifling religiosity is a great Australian virtue.’
    • ‘Ellen opens his eyes to the stifling New York society in which he has always lived.’
    • ‘I guess I learned the lesson that too much inward focus can be stifling.’
    • ‘There was nothing, except for my distaste for the stifling culture of public school, that made the experience unusually unpleasant.’
    • ‘Academia can be stifling for those who worry too much about convention.’
    • ‘We have no work ethic and a stifling bureaucracy.’
    • ‘Television and the print media present an image of prosperity and foster an intellectual atmosphere of stifling conformity.’
    • ‘The entrepreneurial spirit and social innovation fostered by a market economy has benefited many, and should not be overly encumbered by stifling regulations.’
    • ‘But there is a new threat on the horizon: the E.U.'s stifling bureaucracy.’
    • ‘Sex and the City was a great series, with a lot to say about today's apparently liberating, but strangely stifling society.’
    • ‘If you find a job boring or stifling, you're already preparing your resume.’
    • ‘Many have even denounced the traditional family as a stifling, patriarchal institution, thereby fueling a middle-class backlash.’
    • ‘Plato sees democracy as imposing stifling bureaucracy on gifted individuals.’
    • ‘Equally true, it is important not to over-react and introduce further layers of stifling bureaucracy in a series of panic measures.’
    • ‘But even if it cannot be taken to its logical conclusion, the precautionary principle can still have a stifling effect on society.’
    • ‘Jude and Tess contend with the stifling conventions of their society and are dealt with cruelly by it.’
    • ‘As much as he found managing a gym stifling, he has always been invigorated by the challenge of building a better gym from scratch.’
    • ‘The parental home is wonderful but stifling.’
    • ‘His initial reaction is to escape from a stifling home environment, school bullies, and poverty.’
    • ‘Waterloo dominated the Mustangs with a stifling defense and a strong running attack earlier this season winning 22-3.’
    • ‘However, since this was the 1980s, the liberation is for Cathy, not Alan; the screwball romance becomes a tale of feminist emancipation from stifling domesticity.’