Definition of stiflingly in English:



See stifling

as submodifier ‘a stiflingly hot day’
  • ‘The summers are stiflingly hot and the colony becomes infested with mosquitoes.’
  • ‘And even when their conversations veer too far into existential, meaning-of-life territory, the sharp banter between the pair keeps their exchanges from becoming too mannered or stiflingly intellectual.’
  • ‘Perhaps that was why I had enjoyed tormenting him the most out of all the boys - because his retorts were so completely opposite from anything I might have heard someone say to me in the stiflingly polite atmosphere of the palace.’
  • ‘The room was stiflingly warm; a feeble, half-hearted breeze blew through, but it was all hot air.’
  • ‘In his worst films, those images only seem to confirm a bleakly monochromatic, stiflingly adolescent worldview.’