Definition of stigmarian in English:



See stigmaria

  • ‘On the right side is a close-up of a stigmarian axis with the typical spiral arrangement of scars.’
  • ‘Undisturbed layering around the stigmarian roots is consistent with their sedimentary burial, not with the intrusion of roots into an already layered soil.’
  • ‘Standing trees were not preserved within the six examples, but stigmarian roots extended away from the base of three of them.’
  • ‘The absence of root hairs on ‘stigmarian rootlets’ is also consistent with their origin from leaves.’
  • ‘Realizing that the stigmarian roots were part of the plants that made up the coal seams, Logan communicated his observations to the Geological Society of London in February 1840 and later published them as an abstract in the Proceedings and in full in the Transactions.’