Definition of stigmatist in English:



another term for stigmatic
‘He read the visions of the Venerable Sister Anne Catherine Emmerich, an eighteenth-century German stigmatist and mystic.’
  • ‘A sham stigmatist might well avoid those areas which would be subjected to additional pain - and made more difficult to heal - whenever one walked or grasped something.’
  • ‘Thousands of Irish people are expected to fly to Rome next year for the canonisations of an Italian stigmatist, a South American Indian and the founder of Opus Dei.’
  • ‘In June, for example, two thousand Irish pilgrims each paid around €1,000 to fly to Rome for a week for the canonisation of Italian Capuchin stigmatist Padre Pio.’
  • ‘He based the script on the four Gospels and a book by 19th-century German stigmatist, the Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich.’



/ˈstiɡmədəst/ /ˈstɪɡmədəst/