Definition of still small voice in English:

still small voice


  • The voice of one's conscience (with reference to 1 Kings 19:12).

    ‘Then, a still small voice, spoke to Charlie's conscience, saying, ‘as a woman thinketh in her heart, so is she.’’
    • ‘That last piece of advice wasn't from me; it's from the still small voice up in the balcony, someone who may never have the strength to lift a thumb again.’
    • ‘That God gives us that still small voice that tells us right from wrong and expects our own actions because we have free will and we cooperate and do good and create goodness.’
    • ‘Not only relaxing - it's likely to turn our hearts more readily to our Creator, to get onto the same wavelength as Him, to tune in to that still small voice.’
    • ‘But you think if you ran for office, you'd be just the still small voice in the night, even if you were elected?’
    • ‘He talks constantly about his conscience but fails to recognise that the still small voice does not speak to him alone.’
    • ‘Be very concerned if you never hear that still small voice inside you saying, ‘This is wrong and you know it.’’
    • ‘This ground bass of prayer, coupled with the lively glory and tragedy of living in a modern city, bring together the two aspects of the work of the Spirit-the still small voice and its wind and fire.’
    • ‘Through the Spanish language we know God and hear God in the still small voice and in the coritos, the little chorus songs that are popular in our worship.’
    • ‘Regrets that come about from not listening to the still small voice that nudges you toward the place where you perhaps would rather not go, yet must go.’