Definition of stillage in English:



  • A wooden rack or pallet for holding stored goods off the floor or separating goods in transit.

    ‘The jobs in hand are to strim the fieldside banking, repair the timber stillages and repair the hole in the bankside path caused by vandalism, and level other bankside paths on the fieldside.’
    • ‘The club have a working party on Parkers to restore the timber stillages on Saturday, March 20.’
    • ‘He must have a cellar, racks for the beer [called stillage], and the manpower and commitment to properly set up the beer every night.’
    • ‘The stillages were not secured to each other or to the truck, and toppled onto the worker, causing two fractures to one of his ribs.’



/ˈstilij/ /ˈstɪlɪdʒ/


Late 16th century (originally denoting a stand for casks): apparently from Dutch stellagie ‘scaffold’, from stellen ‘to place’.