Definition of Stillson in English:


(also Stillson wrench)


  • A large wrench with jaws that tighten as pressure is increased.

    • ‘First designated as No. B80 was a heavy duty 18-inch Stillson pattern pipe wrench.’
    • ‘It took a 4-foot Stillson wrench with the two of you standing on a box out on the cinders, but you stopped the leak.’
    • ‘Hand tools made from these steels include open-end wrenches, Stillson wrenches, hammers, mauls, pliers and screw drivers and cutting tools, such as hatchets, axes, mower knives and band knives.’
    • ‘It was apparent that the worker had used a Stillson wrench in an attempt to free the blocked auger instead of a screwdriver, which was more commonly used.’


Early 20th century named after Daniel C. Stillson (1830–99), its American inventor.